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Courses have been designed to support the development of all players and will focus on:


Courses are aimed at players aged 3-12 years old, boys and girls, who enjoy playing football and are looking to improve their skills and game understanding.

Every player should wear soccer attire or athletic clothes to the camps and/or practices. We also recommend you have soccer cleats, shin guards, and a ball. We do NOT have balls for every player, so please bring a soccer ball. Also, make sure you bring your player plenty of water or the favorite sports beverage.

The Training Grounds is a recreational development program that has players of all calibers from beginners to more experienced players. We will challenge your player to improve and develop, under a fun atmosphere so that they can grow as a player as well as a person.

All of our Trainor’s/Coaches use the same curriculum and philosophy so that there is a consistent developmental process for each and every player that passes through the Training Grounds, so you will get the same experience no matter which location you choose.

The Training Grounds Soccer has an association with Aspire FC ( who offers competitive club soccer committed to offering every player (boys & girls) an environment where they can achieve great success. We aim to offer the highest level of soccer education and competition to those players that want to develop their game. We are looking for players that want to ASPIRE TO BE GREAT!